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Our security technology is built with the decades of experience we have protecting our customers' data

The formula behind our bookkeeping services success is very simple but well developed.

We combine the best and most qualified human team, with systematized processes and procedures. Additionally, we use the top accounting technology to guarantee you obtain as a result the best service in the area, and always help you with your bookkeeping needs.

From proactive insights and custom financial reporting to software recommendations and controller oversight. We don’t just handle your accounting needs we get it done the best possible and always in constantly communication with you and your team.

EC TAX SOLUTION LLC offers a dedicated team of accounting professionals to meet your bookkeeping needs.

This team consists of a professional bookkeeper, a professional accounting, an IT specialist and an accounting manager.

We are ready to offer you a top-notch-quality service with the professionalism and experience that will help you solve your accounting problems effectively. So, forget the headaches!

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